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1st Smithfield

The 1st Smithfield Homenetmen Navasart Scout Group, with all its scouts, leaders and parents would like to thank SWASH staff for the fantastic day out they had today. It is a day we will never forget and we look forward doing it all over again in the future.

John Wicks - SWASH Staff

SWASH is the best place to be on a Sunday. I have been part of the SWASH Staff for 4 years now I have learnt a lot of these 4 years from the old staff of SWASH who have mentored me over these 4 years. I have learnt to sail, canoe and how drive a power boat, all that I wouldn't have, if it wasn't for SWASH.

1st Balgownie Cubs - Ben Low

‎1st Balgownie Cub Scouts had an awesome day on the water this past Sunday. A huge 1-2-3-Wolf to the SWASH team!
We travelled up from Wollongong and made a BIG Weekend of it (two museums, IMAX 3D, Dragon Boats, Cook + Phillip wave pool, Google, were also visited!). If any other Groups outside Sydney want to know how we did it feel free to contact me!

Soraya Hurworth

What a fantastic place for kids to enjoy water activities. We took our little cub scout last Sunday, and although it was raining and cold, you could not wipe the smile from his face.

1st Balmain - Hugh Brodie

As a scouting parent and helper (1st Balmain) I have attended SWASH many times over the last 4 years and have always been impressed with this wonderful facility.

 I have been very fortunate to have had lifetime of experience with boats and the water which started at a very young age through my father’s involvement. However, not every young person gets that opportunity and this is where SWASH is so important.

 What I most enjoyed about being at SWASH was witnessing the joy of young Cubs and Scouts experiencing the fun and excitement of being on the water (many for the first time in their life) and learning the skills and responsibility of managing their canoe or sailing boat for the day!

Many of these kids come from inland or country areas and were awestruck by the sights on Sydney Harbour! We can only just imagine the impact that a weekend at SWASH would have on these young Cubs and Scouts!

The volunteers at SWASH always make the day fun and non intimidating for all concerned, they encourage parents to “stand by” to share their kids enjoyment and also to participate if they want. I have seen leaders gain a lot from the day as well, making them more confident in managing their Scouts/ Cubs on and around the water.

The Scouts and Cubs come away with not just a smile on their face after a great experience but they also complete important badge work which simply could not be completed without an operating facility like SWASH. It is pretty well impossible to undertake the sort of water activities offered at SWASH as a scout group under the fairly onerous safety and certification requirements set by the Scouting system these days.

 1st Leumeah Scouts Day Out
By Emily Vossen from 1st Leumeah Cubs - March 2007

On Sunday the 18th of February we went to Sydney Harbour for  SWASH water activities. We met at the Scout hall gates very early in the morning. We drove a long way to Woolwich. When we got there we had a parade and split into groups. My group started canoeing. We were all wearing life jackets (PFDs). I was rowing at the front of the canoe. The next activity was the Zodiac and it was really fun because we kept going over bumps, which were waves. The Zodiac is a rubber speedboat. While we were speeding around Sydney Harbour we saw the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, the Opera House and Cockatoo Island. Then we had a sausage sizzle and a can of soft drink. After lunch we went sailing. I was freezing cold when we went around Cockatoo Island. It was a rocky ride because it was windy and sprinkling. I loved the day out at SWASH even though it was cold and wet.