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We are always looking for new Activity Leaders. If you would like join the team you need to have SIS10 Level 2 or above qualifications in Canoeing or Sailing or have your power boat licence. We can arrange training if you are not qualified. While some of the team are permantly attached to the Water Activities Centre, many of our Leaders, Rovers and Venturers are actually from a group and come down to help several days during the season. These leaders then take their skills back their group, so their group can have fun on the water.

"SWASH is the best place to be on a Sunday. I have been part of the SWASH Staff for 4 years now. I have learnt a lot of these 4 years from the old staff of SWASH who have mentored me over these 4 years. I have learnt to sail, canoe and how drive a power boat, all that I wouldn't have, if it wasn't for SWASH."
John Wicks - SWASH Staff

For Venturers and Rovers, volunteering at the Water Activities Centre may count towards part of your service or skill requirements for your Queen Scout or Baden-Powell Award. Talk to your Venturer Leader or Rover Advisor about how to achieve this.

Similarly it could be used for Duke of Edinburgh requirements.

What can SWASH offer Venturers?

What can SWASH offer Rovers?

If we ever have more leaders than we need for the days activities, you can take out a boat and just have fun. The more the merrier!

If you want come and help, please email the Booking Manager:

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