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Q) Should I wear my uniform to the Water Base?
A) Yes. You should wear your uniform to all Scout Bases.

Q) Can I use the boats by myself?
A) Only if you have the correct, current qualification.

Q) How fast do the two Black Zodiacs go?
A) Fast enough; but more important, you should ask how high do they bounce?

Q) Can we sleep over-night at the Water Base?
A) No, but we can direct you to a local hall.

Q) Will a General Day give me qualifications?
A) No, it will only give you lots & lots of fun.

Q) Can my Mum or Dad come?
A) Parents are always welcome to join in too or come and watch.

Q) Are there Sharks in the water?
A) No, the Crocodiles ate them.

Q) Can I jump out of the Boat?
A) Not unless the skipper jumps out first.

Q) Are water fights allowed?
A) No, They are highly encouraged.

Q) What do I get for my $70 for a Water Activities Day?
A) A full day of Sailing, Canoeing, & a Wild trip down the harbour in one of our Commando Zodiacs. Lunch, a drink, & the best time you can have in one day.

Q) Can I get my qualifications renewed?
A) Yes, Please contact Booking Manager.

Q) Can I wear thongs?
A) No, No, No, No, No, No!!!!!! Must be closed foot wear, not Crocs,